We're here to help you.Health and Safety consulting 

We establish Health & Safety documentation
We create and implement a complex system of safety management in the workplace
We help to decrease costs – including hidden costs
We offer consultation on compliance with British legal regulations

Why choose us?

With the most recent regulations in mind, all renovation and construction companies with 5 or more workers (even those registered as self-employed) must comply with new requirements regarding Health & Safety.  This means maintaining complete Health & Safety documentation, monitoring site safety, training and implementing a H&S management system, among other things.  Failure to comply with the regulations can result in large fines, company closure or, in the event of an accident, even a conviction with possible prison time for the employer.  PATRON HSE offers professional advice and expert care in every aspect of H&S.  We comprehensively, substantively and agreeably prepare your company from A to Z.   We identify requirements, prepare complete documentation, implement a management system and train your employees.  In the event of an accident, we can represent your company before Health & Safety Executives and other such organs.  We work with companies both in London and across the UK.

Don’t risk the well-being of your employees and the success of your business.  Sleep easy!